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The COVID crisis has changed economies around the world and massively changed commercial space requirements

To accommodate this realignment in commercial space, we created a portal for commercial space rental that offers permanent AND micro-subleasing so that you can easily and accurately monetize your space for sublet in this new online market. 

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We can help you find suitable tenants for sublet or temporary use opportunities

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SME work with us to list their commercial spaces for sublet or temporary use.


Subleasing helps companies reduce overhead costs and make profits off their space

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Our unique algorithm works to find ideal matches for your commercial rental needs

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We help match commercial tennants looking to lease new spaces with available places to lease

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Typical spaces include manufacturing, production, fabrication, assembly as well as office rooms.

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Whether you need retail space, a showroom or an art gallery, we have options for you.


Find office space to keep your employees safe and spaced out during covid, and beyond. 

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